Why do I need a coach in my life?

As the coaching business continues its rapid upward climb, there are still many who are stumped by the industry. What is coaching? What do coaches do? And why do you need a coach in your life?  

There’s a reason coaching has taken off in recent years. Executive leaders and large-scale firms were first to recognize the support their management needed, so they hired coaches with backgrounds in psychology, human relations and consulting. These coaches were intended to guide these individuals toward mastery of people-oriented skills, to prevent turnover, and into stunning success.

Today, coaching is more common – no longer is it a luxury service limited to firms and high-powered executives. At the individual level, whether you’re an executive leader, an entrepreneur, or an individual who’s just ready to get out of their own way, coaching has become a desired part of one’s growth; it’s a potent and highly valued solution for a person seeking empowerment, transformation and often, transition into a new life space.

Having said all of this — why would you need a coach?

Coaches are not therapists; they’re not mentors, either. Coaches are there to help you identify what’s valuable and important to you, and help you get laser focused on reaching those goals. A coach will create a safe space for you to evaluate who and where you are – and of course, where you want to go — with utmost clarity. They’ll urge you to create intentional thought and action which lead to important behavioral changes you may not have come to on your own. An empowering coach will also lead you toward your own creation of structure, hold you accountable to your goals and remain committed to supporting you (so long as you continue to support yourself, of course.) While you’re clarifying your goals and blind spots, a coach will also steer you toward focusing on your efforts and successes. 

The role of a  coach, above and beyond all of this, will also assist you in acquiring valuable leadership skills, increase engagement with the individuals and groups who surround you, and help point you only in the directions that will serve you well. Once you’ve cleared your blocks, identified your values and focus, and silenced the unnecessary noise, your fulfillment on a professional and personal scale will dramatically increase. You’ll also be able to see an entire world of opportunity ahead of you.

So again, why would you need a coach?

If any of this resonates with you, that’s why.

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