Busy? Get busy relaxing, too

When you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, when it seems like 24 hours just isn’t enough, it’s imperative that you include in your very hectic schedule time to unwind. For many go-getters, relaxing falls at the bottom of the priority list — it seems like a waste of precious hours and doesn’t yield financial return. Not at first blush, anyway.

Coaches: Are you burned out?

You’re a coach – it’s your life’s calling to be someone’s source of support. You’re their guide. In many instances, you even keep them together. When they’re falling apart, less than hopeful, stressed, or burned out, it’s you who gets them through it.

How to get out of a funk

Whether you’re a coach who actually guides people out of what seems like a perpetually low place or an individual utilizing the services and guidance of a coach because you want support lifting your energy, we could all use a refresher on getting out of that proverbial funk.

I’m a new coach. Why do I need a niche?

“Coaching,” for those unfamiliar with the term outside of sports, can be a challenge to sell. That’s because people don’t really buy the idea of coaching, as they might therapy — because, after all, coaches don’t necessarily unearth childhood issues and they certainly don’t promise to resolve trauma or help people recover from mental illness. Coaches do not diagnose and do not provide advice.

Can I coach friends and family members?

Some coaches leave executive or higher-level positions that brought with them impressive contact lists and leads; other new coaches, who are possibly recent graduates of coaching schools or who may never have created a funnel before, may be willing to entertain the idea of starting with onboarding friends and family members as their first clients.