How to get out of a funk

In a funk? We feel you. We’ve been there too.

Whether you’re a coach who actually guides people out of what seems like a perpetually low place or an individual utilizing the services and guidance of a coach because you want support lifting your energy, we could all use a refresher on getting out of that proverbial funk. (Disclaimer: We’ll note that we’re using the term “get out of a funk” in regard to feeling off or out of sorts, even for an extended period; we’re not talking about clinical depression here, which requires the guidance of a medical professional or licensed therapist.)  

So how does one get out of such an odd, uncomfortable state? 

Mirror work. Trust us at Coaciety to start off with what a lot of people find the most challenging! Louise Hay popularized this method in her book (actually named Mirror Work), which teaches people to literally look into a mirror while reciting affirmations. It is a highly effective way of learning how to love oneself; by looking into your own eyes and telling yourself what makes you beautiful, what makes you wonderful, what makes you unique, it brings you to a space where you feel whole and accepted and loved just as you are. After all, you’ve likely told another individual how much you love them, and you meant every word. Have you ever done the same for yourself?

Spend time outdoors. Wayne Dyer used to urge people to spend time out in nature, bare feet on grass, to return to simplicity. He believed that we needed to step away from technology every so often and pay closer attention to wind, water and soil, and to breathe it all in. He felt that by doing this, we remind ourselves of everything that supports and sustains life, bringing a sense of calm and peace and bidding adieu to chaos, even if only for a little while. 

Get moving. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Even a brisk, 20 minute walk can do wonders for a tortured soul. The activity of moving, of breathing deeply, is scientifically proven to improve mood and boost immunity. When you’re in a mental space you wish you weren’t in, move out of it — literally. 

Write it out. Some coaches make this a regular practice. Some ask their clients to write out their worries, then throw them away; others ask their clients what their end goal is, and hang on to that piece of paper until it’s come to fruition. There’s magic in the written word. 

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