Specifically designed to find top coaches around the world.

Become empowered and inspired to make better decisions in life and career. 

Coaciety Mobile App

Connecting you to coaches

We streamlined search process for quicker and easier access to coaches. 

Key Features

Targeted Search
Know Your Coach
Instant Booking
Thrive Together
Upskill Yourself
Search, filter and shortlist coaches tailored to your needs.
Comprehensive search profiles, styles and experiences.
Book a free discovery call or coaching services instantly.
Make meaningful connections with others on the same journey.
Unlimited access to inspiring articles and resources anytime.

Perks for Coaches

AI Matching Algorithm
Global Exposure
Get More Business
Less Administration
Analytic and Insights
Get in front of your ideal target clients.
Be part of a global directory where clients are searching for you.
Increase your paid clientele and followers.
Automated schedules, payments, testimonials and more.
Dashboard view on sales and marketing performances.


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Meet Our 

Lys Soon - The Idealist

10 years HR experience specializing in talent acquisition and management, Lys strongly believes that continuous self-development is the key to many successes in life and career. She has a vision of making the world a better place by building a community that would help one another to flourish.


Justin Leo - The Code Ninja

Techie who brings mobile app ideas to life, Justin is a successful tech entrepreneur. His background in Computer Engineering combined with years of leadership experience enables him to lead an army of elite engineers for the technical development of Coaciety app.


Rue Jing Teh - The Cloud Master

With extensive experience in Cloud Engineering, Rue is the mastermind behind data processing solutions and cloud infrastructure. Her role demands strong analytical and problem solving skills. This led to a strong interest in helping others and becoming a valuable advisor to the Coaciety team.

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